TQ3 warranties are the longest and clearest, giving clients the most comprehensive protection. TQ3 can provide these warranties because they offer only a limited number of systematically designed waterproofing and deck coating systems. Our market is limited only to clients who want the longest lasting solutions. They are the most technically advanced, simply applied and hardest wearing options available. Application is carried out by a limited, select group of installers who are trained by TQ3 and follow our strict QA documentation. Most importantly, any project that requires a warranty, receives site supervision and warranty inspections. TQ3 warranty items that are important to clients include:

30 years for PMR, IRMA, Green Roofs, Split-slab
25 years for exposed roofing, building envelope
10 years for parking decks, walkways and balconies
TQ3 Dundeq Warranty TQ3 Polydeq Warranty TQ3 Prodeq Warranty TQ3 Pumadeq  Warranty TQ3 Qontain Warranty

Labor and Materials Covered

Both warranty responsibilities rest solely with TQ3

No Dollar Limit

There is no monetary limit to the amount TQ3 will spend to make any repairs required under the terms of the warranty

Overburden Removal and Replacement

Warranties include removal and replacement of overburden

Fewer Exclusions

The client can use any overburden they choose, allowing much more diverse and economical choices Does not exclude vapor drive in substrate Do not exclude “excessive traffic” or storage of materials onto Allow ponded water and constant submersion Any snowmelt materials can be used Select parking deck coatings can be snow plowed

Quality Records

As part of the TQ3 warranty program it is a mandatory requirement that all licensed installers keep accurate jobsite records, detailing conditions and materials used. This can be done by keeping manual records or by using the tq3 qc app available in the app store.

Warranty Checklist

Daily Record Sheet

TQ3 QC App

TQ3-Warranty-Checklist TQ3-Daily-Record-Sheet Available_on_the_App_Store_(black)