Rooftop Waterproofing with Prodeq


Prodeq ™ is a robust and versatile waterproofing system designed for rooftop waterproofing with an overburden – the choice of which is limitless. TQ3 will warrant removal and replacement of the overburden – whatever it may be. Pavers, ballast, concrete topping or a vegetated roof garden we cover it all.

TQ3’s dedicated technical support company (TQ3 Technical Services Inc) provides the equipment and a  quality control / supervisory service that benefits the installer, developer, GC and waterproofing consultant equally. Our experience working in such a challenging environment that is the New york City construction market is second to none, as can be seen in the photographs below taken form three recent projects:

IMG_0701                                                         6th Avenue, West Village             IMG_2153.JPG

                                                         Hudson Street, TribecaIMG_1131

Long Island City