Potable Water Tank Coating at The Chrysler Building

TQ3 has recently waterproofed a number of tanks at New York’s iconic Chrysler Building. Some of the tanks required the use of our FX 650 which is potable water certified complying with the requirements of NSF61. A challenging project in a confined space, using one of our specialist ‘palm spray guns’ the installer was able to cope with the numerous difficult projections including bolts & struts. This direct to metal membrane is designed to adhere to well prepared and unprimed substrates. The membrane sets in a matter of seconds, is free from VOC’s and can be returned to service the same day.

TQ3 offers a range of spray applied coating systems for tanks and primary/secondary containment, please contact us on 973 882 7900 to discuss your needs.

NEW YORK CITY - OCTOBER 24, 2013: Lower Manhattan Landmark in B&W. Manhattan has been described as the economic and cultural center of the United States.