October 2015

TQ3 Technical Services Produce Record Breaking Month in Manhattan

TQ3 Tech Services were able to take full advantage of the kind October weather and help install a record amount of spray applied waterproofing for one month. In the third week alone we manage to install close to 45,000 sf of completed waterproofing across multiple projects. With 6 spray rigs and multiple teams of technicians we managed installations as diverse as roofing in lower Manhattan, a 70,000 sf of parking garage on the upper west side, water tanks in mid-town and a plaza deck on the upper east side.

Of note is the project at 205 E. 92nd St, TQ3 systems are being used at multiple locations on this mixed use development for The Related Companies. The third week of October saw the plaza deck at that location have 14,000 sf of Prodeq ™ waterproofing installed in a single shift. TQ3 technicians working in conjunction approved installer MRS of Hackensack, NJ were able to co-ordinate the work with two spray machines working simultaneously throughout the day. Great job by everyone involved !

Below is a video showing the two crews working side by side….

In addition to the work in Manhattan we also completed projects in Brooklyn, Queens and, of course, The Bronx.