May 2015

MAY 2015

As waterproofing and traffic coating projects get underway for the season, the increase in demand for TQ3’s range of systems has meant further expansion of our production facility in Fairfield, NJ. Just 30 minutes from Manhattan (if traffic allows of course) we are ideally placed to service our home markets.

Our new facility means an increase to almost 20,000 sf, with additional office space and a dedicated workshop for our field support sister company, TQ3 Technical Services.

TQ3 Technical Services have made significant investment in our dedicated spray rigs designed to work with our systems that use one or more of our unique spray applied materials. By the end of June we will have 6 machines ready to meet the increase in use of this unique technology.

One of our custom trailers


Porsche Dealership, 11th Ave, Manhattan, NY

As a follow up to last months article on the deck repairs, photographs below show the almost complete rooftop parking area waterproofed with Dundeq TD

Final coat of Pumacoat 50 in Mid Gray